Owner Assistance & Proven Solutions

What if we cannot agree on a sale, or you don’t really want to sell to us? That’s ok!

We have many ways of helping you with real estate issues. Get in touch with us and we’ll explain the other solutions we have available. Simply fill out the form below, or for a faster response give us a shout at 800.319.1162 Call us and speak to a live person and get clear details on potential solutions like….

  • Leasing your home or property until a better time to sell.
  • How to avoid or eliminate common Landlord problems with our “Perfect Tenant Program”.
  • How to find a tenant-buyer to buy your house for an above-market price with a lease purchase agreement.
  • How to get an ideal tenant to pay you rent quickly who is easy for you to manage.
  • How to use the same resources we use for property management if you don’t want to
  • How to use the same resources we use to list the property on your local MLS with Realtor assistance for greater marketing exposure.
  • Exploring the many other creative and proven selling or leasing techniques that can provide exactly what you need.

We are simply people who happen to also buy houses, and provide solutions/services we use ourselves when we’re not able to buy. This process is straight forward and, with a no obligation offer or FREE proposal, we would love to have the chance to work with you.

Connect with us today!